Top 5 Ikan Bakar Restaurant in Johor Bahru

Ikan bakar is a variety of famous Southeast Asian Maritime dishes made from charcoal-grilled fish or other types of seafood, noteworthy in Indonesian and Malaysian cuisine. In Malaysia and Indonesia, Ikan bakar literally implies “burned fish.” One of the classic Indonesian dishes is barbecued fish. Grilling is one of the earliest and simplest methods of cooking for fish preparation. Let’s go through a Ikan Bakar Restaurant near Johor Bahru!

Freshwater fish and seafood are among the archipelago’s primary source of protein consumption. This technique is, of course, extremely common and quite common in the Malay-Indonesian archipelago’s maritime domain. The grilled-barbecue fish is therefore considered one of the classic Indonesian dishes. Ikan bakar is very common in Indonesia as an archipelagic country, frequently discovered in many locations.

The fish is usually marinated with a combination of spice pastes, and sometimes with belacan or kecap manis (sweet rice sauce) and then grilled ; sometimes shielded by a sheet of banana leaf positioned between the seafood and grill to prevent the fish from being stuck to the grill and broken into pieces.

There are many variations of ikan bakar, ranging from marinated spice recipes, dipping sauces or sambals to grilled fish species. Freshwater gourami, patin (pangasius) and ikan mas (dragon), chicken tongkol or cakalang (skipjack tuna), bawal (pomfret), tenggiri (wahoo), kuwe (trevally), baronang (rabbitfish), kerapu (garoupa), kakap merah (red snapper), and pari (stingray) are the most common fish and seafood. In addition to fish, some of the common seafood types include sotong (squid) and udang (shrimp).

 What about in Johor? Yes! The dish is made in the same authentic way too!! A nice grilled fish dish or more endearingly known as Ikan Bakar is a meal that even the darkest days can pierce. And what more compelling than to look at the preparation of the dish that makes you drool hopelessly. Fish of your choice is smeared with bright chili concoction and wrapped with banana leaves and then grilled to perfection on a big grid packed with ocean essence.

It is undoubtedly delicious, served steaming hot with diced onions and tangy sauce. Where in Johor Bahru is this opening up to a query? Keep scrolling without the need for you to splurge cash and settle for anything brief of adorable. Let’s go through a Ikan Bakar Restaurant near Johor Bahru!

1. Tip-Top Ikan Bakar at Tepian Tebrau Food Court

Tip-Top Ikan Bakar at Tepian Tebrau Food Court

Some of Johor Bahru’s finest foods are congregated in the food court of Tepian Tebrau, and Tip-Top Ikan Bakar adds to the list. When you walk in the air, the smell of grilled seafood wafts, leading you to this busy stall, lined with fresh ocean goodness on an icy bed. The best sellers are sea bass and stingray, perfectly grilled with a lip-smacking sauce that blankets the tender flesh of fall-off – the-bone, breaking your self-discipline.

Located at: Jalan Sungai Chat, 80100 , Johor Bahru, Johor

Opening hours: Every day 03:00PM—12:00AM

2. Restoran Queen Park Ikan Bakar

Restoran Queen Park Ikan Bakar

Queen Park Restaurant a Ikan Bakar Restaurant is another known spot among locals to enjoy a variety of local delights. Every turn only raises your hunger pang, but the Ikan Bakar stall is what awakens all your senses. Once the delish dish has landed on your table, bask in the wonderful aroma and admire the fish’s texture and color. The juicy, tender filet wrapped in a lip-smacking sauce with pieces of chilies and onions raises the dish to a higher degree.

Located at: 2, Jalan Camar 1, Taman Perling, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia, 81200, Johor Bahru, Johor

Opening hours: Every day 09:00AM—02:00PM and 06:00PM—11:00PM

3. Siput Sedut Lemak Cili Padi & Ikan Bakar

Siput Sedut Lemak Cili Padi & Ikan Bakar

An ancient-school restaurant epitomizing peace and quiet. The true attraction here is their chilli padi-fried cockles, and in another post we’re going to talk about it. Other crowd-pleasing alternatives on the menu are their similarly praiseworthy grilled sea bass and hardtail. Expect an enormous slab of fish resting on a banana leaf intended for sharing, with the correct quantity of crisp on the outside, while on the inside being juicy and fragrant. Play around your tangy and spicy scale with two kinds of condiments and a wedge of lime tagging along.

Located at: Jalan Dato Musa, Kampung Pasir, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia, 81200, Johor Bahru, Johor

Opening hours: Every day 11:00AM—04:00PM

4. Sizzling StoneGrill

Sizzling StoneGrill

Sizzling StoneGrill provides a pleasant shift from the regular scene of Ikan Bakar, enabling some hands-on customers. What distinguishes them from their rivals is that diners have the freedom to grill on a customized hot stone grill their choice of meat or seafood.

Give the sea bass, mackerel and other local catches a break and choose their new and tender Norwegian salmon filet. The key here is to personalize the charred consistency to your liking and to delve it with their chili concoction down piping hot. Wise sides-French fries, blended vegetables, fresh maize and fried rice are contestants where you can choose two. Also grace the stove with prawns and scallops for a full-fledged seafood feast.

Located at: Ayer Keroh Ground Floor, Aeon Bandaraya Melaka Shopping Centre, No 2, Jalan Lagenda, Taman 1-Lagenda, 75400, Melaka, Melaka

Opening hours: Every day 10:00AM—10:00PM

5. Ikan Bakar Aurora BBU

Ikan Bakar Aurora BBU

Ikan Bakar Aurora is all about chomping down fresh and flavorful seafood in a laid-back atmosphere. What instantly knocks on your eyes is the grill counter, smoke billowing with a seafood parade lined to quench local cravings. It would be a crime with raining instructions for grilled fish not to add yours to the list.

Do a favor for yourself; ask for additional sauce while ordering as it leads us to scrap the dry banana leaf. The chicken just slides with the mildest touch off the bone, complementing the dense gravy and a couple of long grilled beans that add a crunch component to the platter.

Located at: 46, Jalan Padi 1, Bandar Baru Uda, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia, 81200, Johor Bahru, Johor

Opening hours: Everyday 05:00PM—12:00AM

6. Warung Pokok Ceri Ikan Bakar

Warung Pokok Ceri Ikan Bakar

This unremarkable restaurant, Ikan Bakar Restaurant ranks high in authenticity by serving local delights like nasi kerabu with wide selection of easy-to-use meals on the wallet. What you shouldn’t miss is their newly grilled Mackerel, which is skilfully made over a charcoal fire. With pleasantly charred speckles on the outside and delicious white flesh on the inside, it creates a beautiful smoky flavor that keeps you looking for more. Wait with friendly locals for a quaint and quiet afternoon.

Located at: 23, Jalan Inche Besar Zubaidah, Kampung Mahmoddiah, 80100, Johor Bahru, Johor

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Top 5 Ikan Bakar Restaurant in Johor Bahru

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