Top Best Maibeaute Skincare travel kits for a great skin abroad

Traveling is one of the best parts of the your life. Whether you’re crossing the sea, headed to a quick weekend getaway, or scheduling a beach trip packing well for the journey is essential. Aside from clothing and plenty of snacks, skincare is the ultimate priority. Planes, buses and trains are filled with germs that can clog up your pores and cause untimely blemishes. You may need travel kit for better space in luggage especially your skincare products.

We know what travelling does to you, makes you happy and all your issues back at home are the least of your concern. It’s your well-deserved getaway. Before indulging in total relaxation, expect the usual stressful planning and packing because you won’t want to forget anything. You would want to make sure you’re well-prepared and look good in every single photo you take on your trip.

Maibeaute Jb Spa introduced Skincare travel kit for all customer to easy use when travelling. This set included basic skincare routine product that surely suits your preferences while travel.

Like any other brands, Maibeaute Spa have created travel kit sets of some of our favorite everyday products. These kits allow for ladies to maintain their routines without worry of having an expensive product in big size. Cleansers, toners, scrub, moisturizers and most importantly sunscreen are arrive in mini sizes for you to throw in a bag and head to your next destination. Save yourself some time, energy and suitcase space by investing in a travel-size set for your vacation.

Maibeaute Skincare Travel kit

Maibeaute Skincare Travel kit

Daily Cleansing Gel

  • Cleansing dirt, dead skin cells and impurities on the skin
  • Enhance moisturization factors for the skin
  • Cleanse and tighten pores
  • Applicable for all types of skin

Refining Cream

  • Effective in whiten the skin
  • Enhancing recovering of pigmentation and impurities
  • Elimination of acne, facial scars
  • Giving the skin natural resistance against aging

Advanced Sunscreen

  • Helps protect the skin from direct sunlight
  • Evenly skin Color
  • Helps maintain skin moisture

Gentle Scrub

  • Gently removes pore-clogging impurities and dead cells
  • Dissolving facial scars
  • Giving the skin a softer and natural look
  • Applicable for all types of skin

Active Toner

  • Act as acne prevention & blackheads
  • Drying out pimples
  • Decreases oil suppression
Maibeaute Skincare Travel kit
Maibeaute Skincare Travel kit

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Top Best Maibeaute Skincare travel kits for a great skin abroad

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