Top Popular Place for Rock Climbing Wall Activities In Kuala Lumpur

Rock climbing KL is an activity in which you climb natural or artificial rock formations with safety equipment and ropes, while rock climbing usually requires no ropes because the rocks are usually less than 5 meters high.

This can be a sport or a fun activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. So, grab your family and friends and book this weekend a rock climbing class for something other than the usual shopping café or window! We found 5 best places to go to learn rock climbing, and new challenges to test for rock climbing regulars!

1. Rocky BaseCamp

Rock Climbing KL at Rocky BaseCamp

With two locations in AEON Shah Alam and AEON Tebrau City, Rocky BaseCamp was Malaysia’s first indoor wall climbing center. The center is Rock Climbing KL ,features an indoor climbing wall of 15 meters speed so that climbers can compete against each other–10 seconds is the fastest time recorded so far!

Other attractions include the Boulder / Traverse Fun Climbing Wall; and Ninja Warrior Obstacles such as Salmon Ladder, Spider Wall, Traverse Monkey Bars and other challenging courses.

Starting from RM25 for children (4-14 years of age), RM35 for adults (15 years of age and above). Besides rock climbing KL facilities, RBC also has other activities to encourage patrons of all generations to do exciting activities, have fun and keep fit.

All of these are made available under the one stop center of RBC; as we strongly believe in the bonding of the family-peers. Haven’t you heard’ Family is the greatest gift of life’ or’ Time spent with family is worth every second?’

It’s inevitable that technology is gradually taking over our daily lives, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy physical activity, hang out with our family, and use our technology at the same time.

RBC is just the place for us, young and old, to spend quality time together as we all enjoy and stay fit in our healthy, fun and exciting activities. Cameras are allowed, with the safety assurance and responsibility of climbers, so don’t forget to take pictures, because every picture tells a story.

2. BUMP Bouldering

Try Rock Climbing at BUMP Bouldering

BUMP Bouldering is Malaysia’s first premium indoor bouldering, fitness and rock climbing KL lifestyle center. It is advisable for newcomers and amateur climbers to first attend the Introduction to Bouldering class to get a better idea of what the sport is all about.

You will learn the basic safety of bouldering, rock climbing footwork and positioning of the body. Bouldering sessions are also available for children between the ages of eight and 12, and these must be under parental supervision. RM32 is the daily entry fee. They are aimed at raising the bouldering bar and climbing fitness in Malaysia.

They focus on roads of quality and safety. Fresh holdings from all over Europe and the UK, Russian wood panels, internationally improved route setting skills, including Japan and Singapore. All of these rock climbing KL were delivered as our top priority with safety.

They are focused on community and comfort. Spacious, immersive viewing areas for your fellow boulderers to rest between climbs and watch and cheer. Before and after you train, get a delicious meal or a delicious drink, and yes; your protein is also covered. Need to do a fast job? They also covered you with quiet working areas and fast Wi-Fi.

3. Camp5 Indoor Rock Climbing KL

amazing Rock Climbing at Camp5 Indoor Climbing

It has been operating since 2005, 1Utama is the flagship outlet of Camp5 and home to the Tallest Indoor Wall in Malaysia. The facility is fully air-conditioned, on the 5th floor of 1 Utama Shopping Center (New Wing) in a steel and glass tower.

Here, Rock climbing KL walls are suitable for all ages, skills and levels, with classes, youth programs, outdoor rock climbing options and basic courses ideal for families.

The Basic Wall Course is a good starting point for families with children from seven to 11 years of age. If you’re new to climbing, don’t be afraid of these specs.

We have walls in a range of sizes and from super-easy to insanely hard with a wide range of challenges for Rock Climbing KL. So, we are confident that you will find a route that you can conquer and that you will be challenged by a lot more. The course price for one parent and two children is RM89.

4. Madmonkeyz Climbing Gym

First Rock Climbing in Malaysia Madmonkeyz Climbing Gym

The Madmonkeyz Climbing Gym is Malaysia’s first2-story bouldering gym. It was founded, built and designed by a group of climbers who want to introduce bouldering here as a sport-bouldering is a form of amazing rock climbing performed without using ropes or harnesses.

The goal of the gym is to make climbing fun in a safe, supportive environment for people of all ages and walks of life. Facilities include over 2,000 installed holds, an area of approximately 2,000 square feet of crash padded climbing that is safe for children to climb and fall on, rental equipment for Rock climbing KL, shower facilities and lockers. For novices looking for a place to start, pre-set routes are available. The 1-day pass is adult RM18, student RM13 and children under 12 RM10.

5. Boulder Ventures Climbing Gym

Boulder Ventures Rock Climbing Gym

Boulder Ventures Climbing Gym, tucked away in Subang Jaya, provides a small, cosy place to climb and boulder. They aim to provide all climbers, new or old to the sport, with a second home. They want to inspire a new generation of climbers on all rock climbing KL frontiers to push themselves further.

If you’re new to the scene, you can choose the Guided Pass with your family where an instructor will guide you through the basics of top roping. For adults, the Guided Pass is RM45 and for those aged seven to 18, RM40. There is a Boulder Grading System in which the boulders are coded according to the level of difficulty. For adults, a day pass costs RM20 and students RM15.

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Top Popular Place for Rock Climbing Wall Activities In Kuala Lumpur

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