Facial programs


Maibeaute Jb Spa Facial programs combines professional beauty techniques with trendy innovative best spa treatments. It is modern contemporary surroundings and high quality services are aimed at providing each customer relief from the stresses of both the mind and the body.

If you not yet have experience a spa treatment, you surely will find everything you need to know about the beautifying treatment in Maibeaute Jb Spa. We will help to cover how a facial is performed, the different types of facial spa treatments available and the possible health and beauty benefits associated with them for you during your appointment with us. We also provide some aftercare tips which can help you get the very most from your treatment.

The pampering experience of a beauty spa treatment can provide multiple health and beauty benefits.  A regular facial is ideal for you to maintain a good skin health and can leave you with a radiant complexion. There are many types of spa facial to choose in Maibeaute Jb Spa. Plan your beauty appointment with Maibeaute Jb Spa.


Refresh the skin and release tension with this facial therapy. Headache symptoms and sinuses are relieved with a lymphatic facial massage and sinus candle treatment.

Programme : 6 treatments.


Promotes healthy collagen production softening fine lines, wrinkles, improving skin texture, pigment, elasticity and encourage detoxification. Healthy and even skin tones

Programme : 5 treatments.

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