Top 5 Best Chinese Restaurant in KL You Should Try

Whether it’s for older generations or even a marriage, there’s no doubt that Chinese restaurants have been for a long moment with most of the Chinese population. There are no ends to how a Chinese dish can be prepared, each with its own unique taste, texture and atmosphere–steaming, braising, boiling, frying, pan searing and stir-frying are just a few of them. With a variety of distinct flavours influenced by distinct areas of China, there’s plenty of remarkable Chinese restaurant with the Best Chinese Dishes in KL that really stands out above the remainder. See below our best Chinese Restaurant in KL list!

1. Sek Yuen Restaurant – Chinese Restaurant in KL

Sek Yuen Restaurant’s history and awards- Art Chen/ The Star.

Sek Yuen Chinese Restaurant is situated in Pudu’s old roads. The restaurant and its shopfront feel like it was caught in a time-warp in the 40s or 50s with minor touch ups and renovations. Well, after all, this quaint joint is one of today’s oldest restaurants in operation.

The place has earned lots of praise and faithful clients along the manner, serving more than 6 decades of traditional and genuine Chinese food. In addition to the classic Chinese dishes, there are more sophisticated, pre-ordered dishes such as Braised Duck Stuffed with Sharks Fins, Roasted Suckling Pig, Pig Trotters stuffed with glutinous rice, and so on. Unlike the usual meals, the cost for the unique products is greater. One of the best Chinese Restaurant in KL.

2. Old China – Chinese Restaurant in KL

Chinese and Malay food craving? See no more and come to the Old China Cafe. Not only does this location serve Chinese food as the name suggests. Their menu has a wide range of delicious cuisine from Baba Nyonya. It features mostly Chinese ingredients infused with Malay spices and methods of cooking. And it has some of the Siamese impact to create things better, so if you’re an enthusiastic fan of all things spicy, this place will do you good.

3. Pik Wah Restaurant – Chinese Restaurant in KL

Pik Wah restaurant has been around since the 1970s and have you known that meeting and dining is also a place for renowned performers, actresses, politicians and entrepreneurs? They have moved around several locations over the years, and after some time they lastly settled right behind the Negara Stadium, below the MABA house.

This adventurous restaurant presents you dishes that you can’t find anywhere else along with excellent depth of flavours and textures–fish as fresh as if caught and sauces that tingle around your taste buds. Pik Wah has also been (clearly) well received by elderly individuals. We therefore think it deserves a place here, the best Chinese Restaurant in KL, so that young working adults can also appreciate the genuine flavour!

4. Restaurant Sun Chui Yuen – Chinese Restaurant in KL

For quite a while, Restaurant Sun Chui Yuen was a household name among the locals. The atmosphere is rather easy and unpretentious, but no less deserving of applause is the food here. Selecting your meals from the comprehensive menu would be your first and last obstacle.

We suggest that you start with your shark fin soup and move on with black pepper crab and salted egg tiger prawns. The broad choice of grilled seafood as well as other Malaysian delights such as satay are another highlight here. And the pricing doesn’t stress it, it’s known to be sensible.

5. New Peng Wah – Chinese Restaurant in KL

Looking for a casual lunch, yet having a delicious taste? New Peng Wah is certainly a reckonable decision. From their voracious choice of steamed fish and signatures such as fried pork potato, lala soup, and brinjal clay pot; they all come down to an appetizing feast! Be sure to ask for your recent recommendations as the new creations are playing in the kitchen continuously.

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Top 5 Best Chinese Restaurant in KL You Should Try

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