Top Popular Malay Restaurant In KL Kuala Lumpur

The best Malay restaurants in KL Kuala Lumpur are fine-dining establishments that have won rave reviews for their authentically-prepared delicacies, traditional yet elegant settings, and efficient service.

Malay food is usually spicy with a little tinge of sweetness, incorporating chicken, beef, fish and vegetables with fragrant herbs such as chilli, lemongrass, pandan leaves and wild ginger buds. Do note that Malay cuisine does not contain any alcohol (although fine-dining Malay eateries do stock wine and beers for non-Muslims to enjoy), pork and non-halal meat as these are forbidden by the Muslim religion.

The most popular places in KL for Malay delicacies are also set within the city centre, making them incredibly convenient for first-time visitors looking to enjoy tantalising treats such as spicy beef rendang, chicken satay, and oxtail soup.

Bijan Bar Malay Restaurant in KL

Bijan Bar & Restaurant is an award-winning establishment in Kuala Lumpur, serving high-end Malay fare and desserts, as well as an extensive wine list. Accessible within a five-minute walk from Changkat Bukit Bintang, this restaurant’s pork-free menu makes it the perfect venue for quality and authentic Malay cuisine.

Signature dishes include rusuk panggang or char-grilled short ribs (RM70) and kurma kambing (RM60), which is mutton cooked in spicy coconut milk curry. Its appetizer platter (RM36) is also a must-try, comprising of beef and chicken satay, cucur udang (deep-fried prawn fritters), tauhu sumbat (fried stuffed tofu cakes) and popiah goreng (fried stuffed spring rolls), served with spicy peanut sauce and hot chilli sauce.

Enak Kuala Lumpur

Enak Kuala Lumpur is a stylish Malay fine-dining restaurant that’s set in the lower ground floor of Starhill Gallery along Jalan Bukit Bintang. Relying heavily on age-old family recipes, Enak Kuala Lumpur’s signature dishes include rendang padang (RM37++), a spicy ensemble of beef cooked in moist coconut cream and spice curry, and the sambal tumis udang (RM44++), which are sweetened prawns with fiery dry red chilli, tamarind juice and pepper leaves.

Enak Malay Restaurant in KL Kuala Lumpur also serves sinfully sweet desserts that are priced between RM20 and RM25 – our favourite is the pisang caramel, a delightful ensemble of lightly sautéed bananas in cardamom caramel, topped with almond flakes.

39 Malay Restaurant KL

The 39 Restaurant is a rooftop fine-dining restaurant that boasts impressive panoramic views of Kuala Lumpur city. Set on the 39th floor, it is divided into an elegant modern-style indoor dining area and an al fresco rooftop section with traditional wooden furnishings.

Placing special emphasis on food presentation and premium ingredients, The 39 Restaurant’s signature dishes include rusuk kambing kurma (braised lamb ribs, ghee rice, and pineapple curry), ayam golek perchik (grilled marinated chicken), daging kerutup and siakap tiga rasa (barramundi in three spices).

As a halal establishment, diners can enjoy their meal with the traditional teh tarik (milk tea), kopi o, fruit juices, or unique smoothies such as kaseh puteri (avocado, kiwi, vanilla ice cream and milk).

Bunga Emas Restaurant

Bunga Emas Restaurant is a fine-dining eatery within The Royale Chulan Hotel KL where diners can indulge in expertly-crafted, haute Malay cuisine in a traditional and elegant dining setting.

With main course dishes starting from RM20++, the kitchen deftly turns out classic Malay dishes such as savoury oxtail soup, ayam dara panggang (grilled chicken) with coconut turmeric gravy, and gulai ikan karipoley (fish curry with soft okra and eggplant)served with long grain Moghul rice.

Its dessert offerings are equally stellar – try the bubur pulut hitam (sticky black rice pudding) served with a dollop of vanilla ice cream or the ciku strudel, a buttery pastry filled with the flesh of the sweet fruit.

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Top Popular Malay Restaurant In KL Kuala Lumpur

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